‘They’re huge’: Massive utility poles towering Houston neighborhoods now becoming an eye-sore

It’s a power struggle over power poles.

Houstonians are used to seeing standard-sized utility poles, but now, several massive ones are popping up in some neighborhoods, creating an eye sore for those who live in the area.The new transmission poles are 100 feet tall and about five feet wide at the base, according to CenterPoint Energy estimates. A CenterPoint spokesperson said the poles are part of a $43B plan to improve the safety, reliability, and resiliency of their electric and natural gas systems in six states.Daniel Hernandez, who maintains property for a homeowner on Fairview and Park Street in Montrose, said the structure went up about a week ago. He said he first noticed crews digging and drilling a massive hole into the ground last month.Hernandez said he understands the need for the towering object, however, he does not understand the placement so close to homes.“It’s horrible. I mean walking through, and you have to see this,” Hernandez said. “At least paint it, put a little mural on it.”KPRC 2 also spotted a giant pole being installed next to a home at Fairview and Hazard.“I didn’t really like it,” said Ally Rayborn who lives in the area. “And it’s just so big. And also, the construction on it was blocking our streets so we couldn’t get out.”Rayborn said like last year, this jumbo-size one came without notice.“They put those up last year, and we were traveling over the summer,” she added. “Came back, and they were there. I didn’t know they were going to be there or anything, so it was pretty surprising.”A third one could be seen on Shepherd near the Southwest Freeway in Upper Kirby by a business.

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